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Organic Beans

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Functional Coffee


Why La Natura

We have employed ancient traditional practices for the growing, selecting, roasting, and grinding of our coffee products.  Our teas are grown organically, hand-picked, carefully selected and dried, and then broken into the precise size and shape for the perfect brew every time.  We have chosen roasts and brews for every taste.



Our coffees and teas are organically farmed and GMO free, and never come in contact with pesticides or chemicals.



Our coffee capsules and coffee bags are biodegradable and home compostable. Our coffees and teas are organically farmed with mixed cultures using fair trade principles.


Distinctive Character

Barista quality, European style coffees that are carefully selected and roasted using ancient traditional methods.


Swiss Quality

Our coffees are ground and meticulously packed in our state-of-the-art production facility in Grono, Switzerland.

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Just Plain Good!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent Van Gogh

About La Natura

We created a company dedicated to supremely high quality coffee and tea products delivered in convenient Nespresso-compatible capsules that are free of aluminum or plastic and made of 100% biodegradable materials that are compostable. 

What Our Customers are Saying

I love the coffee, but I was attracted to La Natura because of the compostable capsules.  I love my Nespresso machine, but I hate the waste from the metal capsules.  Great product - I strongly recommend it.

Allison Clark

Verified Buyer

I love the Forest Fruit tea.  This flavor reminds me of my childhood, growing up in Europe.  Fruity and delicious without being too sweet.  I just ordered two full cases. 

Charles Fogle

Verified Buyer

I love these coffee beans.  The roast is perfect - lots of flavor, and not harsh or acidic.  I've heard about slow-roasting, and this is the first coffee that I have bought that uses this technique.  I'm a fan...

Roxanne Philips

Verified Buyer

La Natura is a great coffee.  It is very European in style and flavor.  I particularly enjoy the Lungo Forte roast.  The teas are also very nice.  

Jessie DeVonn

Verified Buyer

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Iced Pistachio Latte with Browned Butter

Introducing La Natura Coffee’s Monthly Brew. This month: Iced Pistachio Latte with a Brown Butter Twist

We're always whipping up new and exciting coffee and espresso creations here at La Natura Coffee. However, when those warmer months roll in, there's something so satisfying about revisiting our favorite seasonal treats. One drink we always ...
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