A sun shape is creatively formed using coffee beans on a white background, embodying an eco-friendly touch. The coffee beans are arranged in a circle to represent the sun's center, with more beans radiating outward as sun rays—symbolizing sustainability and green living.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Coffee beans arranged in the shape of a sun with a circular center and lines of beans radiating outwards as the sun's rays, all set against a plain white background, symbolize an eco-friendly approach to morning rituals.

What Is The Impact Of Non- Compostable Pods?

It is estimated that over 60 billion coffee pods are consumed annually and that only 25% are recycled resulting in annual waste that could circle the earth 27 times. Non-compostable coffee pods can have a significant impact on the environment due to their use of plastic, aluminum and other materials that are not biodegradable. Non-compostable pods can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills and can also break down into microplastics, harming aquatic life.

Our Sustainable Mission

We believe that positive momentum can begin with something as small as a cup of coffee or tea. That is why all our coffee and tea capsules are free of plastic and aluminum and all of our capsules and coffee bags are compostable and biodegradable.

Our natural, organic products are GMO-free and never come in contact with pesticides or chemicals.

Our coffees and teas are picked by hand utilizing fair trade principles and practices.

Why La Natura

We have employed ancient traditional practices for the growing, selecting, roasting, and grinding of our coffee products.  Our teas are grown organically, hand-picked, carefully selected and dried, and then broken into the precise size and shape for the perfect brew every time.  We have chosen roasts and brews for every taste.

A picturesque, hilly landscape with lush green tea plantations. A winding, reddish-brown dirt path cuts through the middle of the plantations, creating a serpent-like shape. Scattered trees and dense foliage adorn the slopes under a cloudy sky, reminiscent of fields where organic coffee beans flourish for Nespresso.


Our coffees and teas are organically farmed and GMO free, and never come in contact with pesticides or chemicals.

A woman wearing a headscarf and checkered shirt examines ripe, organic coffee beans on a branch in a coffee plantation. She holds the branch with one hand and has a woven basket around her waist, partially filled with coffee cherries. Green foliage surrounds her.


Our coffee capsules and coffee bags are biodegradable and home compostable. Our coffees and teas are organically farmed with mixed cultures using fair trade principles.

A quaint street scene showcasing several historic buildings with varied facades and shuttered windows. Outdoor cafes with tables, chairs, and colorful umbrellas line the sidewalk. People are casually walking and seated in the area, savoring their drinks made with organic coffee beans, enjoying the atmosphere.

Distinctive Character

Barista quality, European style coffees that are carefully selected and roasted using ancient traditional methods.

A Swiss flag waves on a pole, set against a breathtaking backdrop of snow-covered mountains and clear blue skies. Nearby, an adventurer sips from their la natura coffee machine, enjoying Organic Coffee Capsules as they take in the serene beauty of the rugged peaks stretching into the distance.

Swiss Quality

Our coffees are ground and meticulously packed in our state-of-the-art production facility in Grono, Switzerland.

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