A box of organic coffee capsules stands upright with six individual compartments visible. Several coffee beans are scattered around the box. Two coffee capsules are placed in front of the box. The packaging features black, green, and beige colors.

Organic Coffee Capsules

Premium-quality organic coffee packed in biodegradable and compostable Nespresso-compatible capsules.

European-style roasts and carefully-selected organic coffees make La Natura the choice for convenient capsule coffee machines.

Image of a tall beige box labeled as "Espresso Coffee" for Nespresso Machines. The box contains organic coffee capsules and is surrounded by scattered coffee beans. Additionally, a few coffee capsules are placed outside the box at the base.

Why La Natura

Barista-Quality Certified-Organic coffee roasted, ground, and packaged with precision in Switzerland. Our beans are grown on organic plantations that employ mixed plant cultures.  The coffee cherries are picked by hand and then cleaned, dried, and shipped to our production facility in Switzerland.

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Why La Natura

We have employed ancient traditional practices for the growing, selecting, roasting, and grinding of our coffee products.  Our teas are grown organically, hand-picked, carefully selected and dried, and then broken into the precise size and shape for the perfect brew every time.  We have chosen roasts and brews for every taste.

A picturesque, hilly landscape with lush green tea plantations. A winding, reddish-brown dirt path cuts through the middle of the plantations, creating a serpent-like shape. Scattered trees and dense foliage adorn the slopes under a cloudy sky, reminiscent of fields where organic coffee beans flourish for Nespresso.


Our coffees and teas are organically farmed and GMO free, and never come in contact with pesticides or chemicals.

A person wearing a headscarf, long-sleeved shirt, and blue scarf examines clusters of ripe, red coffee cherries on a coffee plant. They are holding a wicker basket for harvesting the organic coffee beans, and the lush green leaves of the plant surround them.


Our coffee capsules and coffee bags are biodegradable and home compostable. Our coffees and teas are organically farmed with mixed cultures using fair trade principles.

A European street scene with multi-story buildings featuring various architectural styles. The ground floor has cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating, where patrons enjoy organic coffee partially covered by umbrellas. People are walking and sitting; a cloudy sky looms overhead.

Distinctive Character

Barista quality, European style coffees that are carefully selected and roasted using ancient traditional methods.

A Swiss flag waves on a pole, set against a breathtaking backdrop of snow-covered mountains and clear blue skies. Nearby, an adventurer sips from their la natura coffee machine, enjoying Organic Coffee Capsules as they take in the serene beauty of the rugged peaks stretching into the distance.

Swiss Quality

Our coffees are ground and meticulously packed in our state-of-the-art production facility in Grono, Switzerland.

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