La Natura Concentration Boost Coffee Pods – Lungo Roast

La Natura Concentration Boost Coffee helps you to stay focused and reduces fatigue.

The Lungo roast provides the long-drinking pleasure of mild organic coffee with an intense, soft, and fine crema taste.

Enhanced with Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12.


Compatible Pods

Specially designed for the Nespresso Original Line, our medium roast Concentration Boost Lungo Coffee pods combine convenience with sustainability. Effortlessness meets quality in every compostable capsule, delivering a unique blend to your cup. Enjoy the full-bodied aroma of 100% Arabica beans with a seamless fit in your machine, ensuring you always start your day the right way. Perfect for those who cherish both their crema and their time.

Enhanced Clarity

Embrace the clarity with a carefully crafted coffee blend expertly infused with essential B vitamins. B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 converge in our medium roast Arabica Lungo Coffee, supporting mental focus and concentration. Each sip helps to fortify your cognitive vigor, turning your coffee break into a rejuvenating session for both mind and body—power through your day with a flavorful boost and an intellectual edge.

Irresistible Flavor

Dive into the velvety flavor of La Natura’s Lungo roast, an Arabica spectacle that tantalizes your taste buds while honing your focus. The Concentration Boost Lungo Coffee presents a rich, smooth blend with a profile designed to delight and invigorate. Each capsule promises a journey through layers of nuanced flavor, culminating in a cup that energizes and indulges. Elevate your coffee ritual with a roast that’s robust yet refined.

Mindful Enjoyment

Committed to the Earth, our Concentration Boost Lungo Coffee offers delectable quality in compostable and biodegradable pods. Indulge in your Nespresso ritual and medium roast comforts, knowing you advocate for sustainability. These capsules cater not only to the taste aficionados but also to the environmentally conscious. Join us in savoring a cup that respects the planet as much as it respects your discerning palate for Arabica perfection.

Swiss Craftsmanship

Every capsule of Concentration Boost Lungo Coffee is a testament to Swiss coffee-making excellence. From the meticulous selection of premium Arabica beans to the precision roasting process, our medium roast blend is a labor of love. Crafted in Switzerland with a dedication to quality and flavor, each serving brings a touch of Swiss tradition straight into your home. Sip with pride, knowing your focus-enhancing coffee meets the highest of standards.

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Carton – Six Sleeves – 60 Capsules, Sleeve – 10 Capsules

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