La Natura Immuno Boost Coffee Pods – Crema Roast

La Natura Immuno Boost Coffee helps build a robust immune system and healthy metabolism.

The delicious Arabica-Robusta blend creates the crema taste with an expressive character rounded off by a fruity, long-lasting aftertaste.

Enhanced with Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins D, B6, and B12.


Immune Protection in Every Cup

Enjoy your morning ritual with La Natura Immuno Boost Coffee, crafted to enhance your immunity as you savor each sip. Infused with essential vitamins, our capsules are designed for Nespresso Original Line machines, ensuring you start your day with a resilient boost. This blend offers more than just caffeine; it’s a daily defense for your health, subtly integrated into your daily coffee experience for seamless immune support.

Digestive Harmony with Every Pod

La Natura Immuno Boost Coffee isn’t just a delightful crema roast but a gentle boost for your gut health. By incorporating nutrients that aid digestion, these Nespresso-compatible capsules offer a soothing, European-style crema that makes your palate and stomach smile. Sip by sip, it’s not just about enjoying a luxurious coffee experience; it’s about nurturing your digestive well-being, subtly enhancing your gut health with every espresso shot.

Nutrient-Rich Crema

Elevate your coffee with a concoction rich in vitamins. Each Nespresso Original Line compatible La Natura Immuno Boost Coffee capsule is packed with Vitamin D, Iron, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, plus Zinc to support overall wellness. This delectable crema roast doesn’t just indulge your senses with its crema; it also nourishes your body, seamlessly blending indulgence with a nutritional spectrum that fortifies you from within.

European Elegance in Every Espresso

La Natura Immuno Boost Coffee offers an exquisite blend reminiscent of a European café in the comfort of your home. Compatible with your Nespresso Original Line machine, our capsules deliver a rich, slow-roasted flavor profile with a luxurious layer of crema. This is a coffee that not only stimulates your senses with its robust taste but also aligns with your desire for a lifestyle of wellness and indulgence.

Eco-Conscious Coffee Experience

La Natura Immuno Boost Coffee is committed to your health and the planet’s. Our capsules are fully compostable, turning your daily coffee habit into an earth-friendly act. Compatible with Nespresso Original Line machines, these pods offer a guilt-free journey to a robust crema, exceptional roast, and the immune boost you seek without compromising the environment. It’s a conscious choice for a sustainable coffee lifestyle.

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Carton – Six Sleeves – 60 Capsules, Sleeve – 10 Capsules

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